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Best Diesel Generators for Off Grid Use

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Are you planning to live off grid? Living off grid is an interesting prospect since you won’t be depending on the national grid for your energy requirements. This means you will not have to deal with hefty electricity bills every month.

While some people have no choice but to live off grid because their houses are too far from the national grid, many others consider it an affordable and greener way of living. Either way, an increasing number of households are now turning off their access to the national grid and switching to other sources of power.

While alternative sources of energy like solar, wind and hydro are there, they might not be reliable in case the forces of nature become unfavorable. If you are living off grid, it is important to have a source of reliable and high quality backup to meet your energy needs.

An ideal backup source of power would be picking out the best diesel generator for off grid use. There are plenty of portable generators in the market that can act as a backup or supplement your power needs so you can live a more convenient life off the grid and away from the clutches of the power companies.

Diesel generators are a reliable and affordable source of power, as long as you get the right one for your needs.

There are several manufacturers of diesel generators out there, with even more models. Just so you do not get overwhelmed when finding the best diesel generator for your off grid use, we have come up with this guide. We have researched and reviewed each diesel generator to ensure you make the right pick.

Products Being Reviewed in This Article

Our Top 3 Best Diesel Generators for Off Grid use Compared

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Best Diesel Generators for Off Grid use Reviewed

Our Top Pick DuroStar DS7000Q 6,500 Watt Enclosed Portable Diesel Generator

Our top pick and overall amazing choice when it comes to the best diesel generators for off grid use in 2019 has to be the DuroStar DS7000Q 6,500W Enclosed Portable Diesel Generator. This is a 4-stroke single cylinder diesel engine with direct injection. It is a pretty straightforward diesel engine but quite capable of producing a substantial amount of energy to meet your power needs for off grid living.

The DuroStar name is associated with reliability and trustworthiness. The DS7000Q model exemplifies why the brand enjoys a reputation as one of the best in the business. The starting output is an impressive 6,000W and 5,500W while running. The manufacturer has used a combination of a muffler, fully enclosed frame and soundproofing to ensure reduced noise even when it is operating at full capacity.

The air cooled engine’s direct fuel injection allows for better fuel efficiency without compromising power production. The maintenance-free alternator and automatic voltage regulator that come with the generator make life a lot easier for users.

The generator also features fully protected 12V, 120V and 220V outlets to cater to a variety of needs that you might have from the portable generator. You have the option of using its remote start or electric start function based on your convenience. The generator also features a ground fault interrupter 120V outlet that makes operating the generator even at full capacity a lot safer.


  • Convenient to start up with remote or electric ignition
  • Highly fuel-efficient generator
  • Fully-powered panel with keyed ignition, oil alert, auto shutdown for low oil pressure
  • Vibration isolation mounting between engine and base frame to reduce vibration and improve stability
  • It has a 12 hour run time at half load
  • 3.8 gallon fuel capacity


  • We did not find any and could not find bad reviews

Multiquip DA7000SSA2, 7,000W Silent Diesel Generator

Multiquip is a longstanding manufacturer of reliable power solutions. Catering to a wide variety of needs, their generators are some of the best in the world. Multiquip DA7000SSA2, 7,000W is an ideal product to start off the list of the best diesel generators for off grid use.

While this is effectively a portable power solution, the Multiquip is one of the larger diesel- powered generators that we have reviewed. The impressive 7,000W surge and 6,000W for running make it an impressive generator with a 12.5HP 4 stroke engine. Also known as the Multiquip WhisperWatt, this is a silent diesel generator that produces a minimal amount of noise, considering the massive power output it produces.

The fully closed frame comes with a single side service access. The engine oil filter is also located on the same side as the battery, air filter and fuel filter. This makes the maintenance of the generator a lot more convenient so you can enjoy its benefits for a long time period. The machine is a highly capable generator that is commonly used to provide power for sporting events, large construction projects, etc. In fact, it is a top choice product on shoots for power production.

When it comes to most of the products that we have reviewed, the WhisperWatt model is a lot larger on the list but it is the smallest in the series made by the manufacturer. An electric start makes operating the generator more convenient. The efficient diesel engine minimizes the need for maintenance downtime so you can benefit from the generator uninterrupted for hours at a time.


  • High fuel capacity generator
  • Produces a minimal noise
  • All maintenance tasks are easier due to the single side service access panel
  • Fully closed frame further muffles noise
  • Electric start makes operating the generator easier


  • Too pricey for the liking of some customers

Generac XD5000E Diesel Portable Generator

Generac’s XD5000E Diesel Portable Generator is a relatively small yet incredibly powerful diesel-powered generator that offers the power solution you need for a more convenient off grid life. With a highly durable and fully welded steel frame, this Generac generator has an industrial-grade diesel engine, which is suitable for catering to a wide variety of power needs.

One thing that a lot of people worry about when they choose to go with an alternative source of power for their home is how it might fare in providing a stable voltage and current. The True Power Technology used by Generac in the XD5000E Diesel Portable Generator mitigates the total harmonic distortion to less than 5% to ensure that your sensitive electric appliances do not just get the amount of power they need, but also eliminate any chances of voltage irregularity damaging them.

One of the biggest advantages of diesel-powered engines is the fact that they require very low maintenance, and you will experience that with the Generac XD5000E Diesel Portable Generator. The 435cc air-cooled engine has direct injection that is a part of Generac’s Yanmar LW Series. It is known for providing greater efficiency over a long period of time, thanks to its low maintenance requirements.

The premium quality product offers a 5,500W starting power output and a 5,000W running output to make sure you have an adequate backup or primary power source for living off grid. Its reliability and durability make it a product that you can rely on.


  • Highly portable generator
  • High fuel capacity of 12 gallons
  • Idle control function conserves fuel and reduces noise
  • Full tank of fuel at half load can last as long as 32.4 hours


  • It is a noisy generator
  • Needs a nonstandard battery that you have to purchase separately

Power Products Sigma 7000W

The Sigma is a powerful 7,000W surge power and 5,500W continuous power generator that will be more than enough to help you run a small house off grid without facing any problems whatsoever. The unit is one of the generators that create just 68 decibels of noise at its full operating capacity.

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient solution for your power needs, the Sigma presents a simple solution. The four gallon capacity of the generator allows the machine to run for eight hours straight at half capacity, which is more than decent for the amount of power output that the generator can produce.

This is by no means a small generator but it is portable, thanks to the four wheels that already come attached with it and a pulling handle. The fact that it is heavier and larger than most gas-powered generators is a little annoying, but the model is far more fuel-efficient than them. It does not have a very high price point, which is reflected in the fact that it does not come with advanced features and is difficult to move around, despite its wheels.


  • Simple to operate generator
  • Eight-hour run time on half load
  • Can be connected to the external fuel tank for larger capacity and continuous run time
  • Has very low maintenance requirements


  • Heavy for its size
  • Difficult to move around despite wheels and pulling handle
  • Does not have any advanced features

Best Diesel Generators for Off Grid use Buyers Guide

Things to Consider When Buying Generators

When you are looking for the best diesel generator for off grid use, you should keep a few things in mind to help you make the right decision:

Generator Size

Generators are sold based on the watts they can produce. In order to determine what size you should get, you need to consider the power output you will require. You should also think about whether you need the generator as a primary source of power or if you need to supplement your alternative power supply with the product.

Run Time

If you are looking for a primary power source, you need something with a continuous run time. This factor isn’t important if you need it as a backup source. The greater the capacity of the fuel tank, the longer run time you can expect.

Final Thoughts

Diesel generators are much better than gasoline generators and LPG propane generators due to their greater fuel efficiency and lower maintenance requirements. They might generally be a little heavier and louder, but their benefits outweigh the advantages of generators that use other types of fuel.

Between the comprehensive reviews and considerations to make, we are confident that you have all the information you need to pick the best diesel generator for off grid use and get something within your budget from this list.

Remember our top pick is the DuroStar DS7000Q 6,500 Watt Enclosed Portable Diesel Generator.

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