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Low Hum GeneratorsTM started because we’ve been around generators all our lives. Growing up in South Africa and living in a remote town we’d have blackouts quite regularly meaning that we always had a generator on standby to get us through what sometimes seemed like days without any power.

Our dad also had a boat that we would go on at weekends in the summer that required a generator for our power. This led to us learning a lot about the different types of generators and what they are good for.

Currently, working in the construction industry here in the US, many of our sites utilize generators for power whether it be for charging power tool batteries or powering larger equipment, which is why we decided to start reviewing products and sharing our knowledge. We hope this saves you some time as we understand time is limited these days and doing exhaustive research into a topic or a product can be difficult. Usually, the information is everywhere so we help out by putting this information in one place just for you.

Where possible we try our best to get our hands on the products we review to give you first-hand feedback and experiences. With all things, this is sometimes not possible and in this case, we perform extensive online research through manufacturers’ product pages and customer feedback.

It is important for you to know that we do not get paid for any reviews and we are not biased toward any product or manufacturer. Our generator reviews are honest and factual. The information we provide you is not one-sided in any way.

Thank you for taking time today to read our articles, we want you to enjoy Low Hum GeneratorsTM and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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